A Much Needed Romance

Once Upon a Time…

Where did these vampires come from? I’m sure inspiration is found in many different ways from author to author. For me, this project started with a vampire, then kind of slowly, wonderfully spiraled out of control.

Initially, I was thinking about Haruka. This dark, powerful, sexy, intelligent but emotionally traumatized vampire was stalking my mind for several rainy days in October two years ago. Then I thought, “What kind of woman would he end up with?”

But I wrestled with it. Would she be fierce and strong (because I like my female characters that way)? Would she be a soft and sweet vampire? Would she be quirky and clever? Sexy and vivacious? A combination of any of the above?

None of them felt right, and I had all but walked away from the conjecture of this story in my mind when something inside me said, “What about a guy?”

Imagine a camera zooming-in to my face as I narrow my eyes. Whispering. “What about a guy tho?” Literally perfect. This thought, combined with the rosy-colored glasses I was still wearing from my trip to Italy a few months earlier, is how Nino was born.

Love, Freedom and Vampires

I thought long and hard about this, asking myself, “Why do I like this scenario so much? These two beautiful male vampires?” I have an answer. Equality. Freedom from gender roles.

This project became an exploration in love. Specifically, love without set societal expectations, weighted gender roles and oppression or patriarchy. Love between two people (vampires) who could truly just enjoy each other for who they are, not because one expects something of the other. Not because one should decide what’s for dinner and have the babies, while the other should mow the lawn and watch football.

Haruka and Nino are liberated from that, and thus, free to understand, know and love each other fundamentally. To just be who they truly are. This is what I want in more romances. Hopefully someone else out there wants it too. ♥️

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