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Karla Nikole has a long-standing love affair with Japan. They have always been very good to each other. Having lived in the country for two years and taken several extended vacations there, she is deeply inspired by the culture, language, landscape, food and people. A trip to Italy in 2018 for a wedding (pictured below) breathed new fire into her writing, eventually leading to the birth of Nino Bianchi and Haruka Hirano: two love letters to these beautiful countries. She has also lived in South Korea, Prague, Milan and France.

Lore and Lust has been proudly featured in Rainbow Crate Book Box, Obsidian Moon Crate, Pride Book Crate, Nerdy Book Box, and received a special edition hard cover for the romance subscription box for Fox & Wit. Karla Nikole was also asked to hold a panel for FujoCon 2021, where she discussed Living in Japan and Respecting Cultures in Stories. The series has sold more than 17,000 books and accumulated more than three million page reads on Kindle Unlimited since its publication in 2020. Currently, Lore & Lust is available in-store at multiple Barnes & Noble locations across the US, and can be purchased online anywhere books are sold.

Language rights for the Lore and Lust series have also been acquired by five international publishing houses. For more information on acquiring language rights, please contact Karla Nikole directly at contact@loreandlust.com.

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