Lore and Lust
Queer Vampire Romance Novels

The slow burn, queer vampire romance you didn’t know you needed…

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Series Book One: Lore and Lust

Series Book Two: The Vanishing

Series Book Three: The Awakening

(Book Three Releasing October 1st, 2021)

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Love, Magic and Misfortune

A new adult romance filled with whimsical, peculiar and magical things…

Violet Ainsworth is a fierce woman, but she also falls out of trees. She twists her ankle missing shallow steps and jams her fingers simply reaching for doorknobs.

Jasper Laurent, her best friend, completely disappeared from her life for fifteen years. The confusion and secrecy of it still hovers in Violet’s mind like a thick cloud.

The two were separated as children due to mysterious circumstances, but they will soon be reunited as adults. Perhaps their misfortune can be changed? Maybe the seeds of calamity will result in the bloom of love?

Anything is possible. No really, anything.

Coming July 15th!

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