A Much Needed Romance

Once Upon a Time… Where did these vampires come from? I’m sure inspiration is found in many different ways from author to author. For me, this project started with a vampire, then kind of slowly, wonderfully spiraled out of control. Initially, I was thinking about Haruka. This dark, powerful, sexy, intelligent but emotionally traumatized vampireContinue reading “A Much Needed Romance”

She is Well Intentioned

What came first? The chicken or the egg? I ask myself this question when thinking about romance novels. Do romance authors keep using the same tropes and plot devices because readers want them? Or do readers only seem to want those things because that’s all authors are giving them? My first developmental editor suggested thatContinue reading “She is Well Intentioned”

Nevertheless, We persisted

Happy Pride. Black Lives Matter. Life is funny. I spent months envisioning how I would launch this project I’ve been working on for the past two years. These crazy romance books that I love and that are so dear to my heart. I imagined the perfect posts. The perfect words. Beautiful pictures and funny hashtags.Continue reading “Nevertheless, We persisted”