Lore and Lust is a new world of vampires.

What is this book, exactly?

A romance. A beautiful, slow burn (with explicit content… Sorry not sorry).

How are the vampires of Lore and Lust different from traditional vampires?

They are ranked by bloodlines.
They feed from each other (not humans).
They can be exposed to sunlight (mostly).
They are emotional, complex beings.
They are not nocturnal.
They are not immortal.

Are they violent and angry vampires?

Nope. They are modern, cultured, sophisticated and very very sexy.

How the heck do you say “Haruka’s” name?

HA-ruka. Emphasis on “Ha.” Like a laugh. Roll your tongue on the “r” if you can!

What about the manservant guy? “Asao”?

Ah-SA-oh. In the same vein as “sow” like a pig. What lives on a farm? A sow.

What about garlic?

It’s delicious, but irrelevant.

If they’re not immortal, then how do your vampires die?

Starvation. Lack of optimal blood.

Will there be more Lore and Lust books?

Absolutely! Nino and Haruka’s world will grow and continuously unfold. The second book will be released in the spring of 2021, followed by a third in the fall.

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